Pipeline Cleaning & Inhibiting


The C-Tool is designed to provide pipeline operators with the necessary information to make quick and cost-effective decisions.

It is a time based recording device designed to identify restrictions in pipelines. It is specifically designed for each pipeline to find the exact bore restriction that will impede smart tools or other pigs in the pipeline. Anomalies detected will be recorded and tracked, allowing for the increased ability to locate the anomaly from above ground, taking out the "guess work" for repairing the pipeline.

Available in Sizes 3" and up.

Smart Tool Assistance

TNT Crews are available to load, launch, track and receive smart tools from all tool vendors.

Sub-meter GPS and Pig Tracking

Using Sub-meter GPS equipment and a PCM Line Locator, we can accurately pick locations along the length of the pipeline for AGM's and for tracking purposes. If requested, almost all types of pigs can have a transmitter device attached and with the aid of geophones and a receiver, progress of the smart tool or c-tool can be verified as it passes.

These accurate GPS locations can be used for chaining verification and also used as a reference for future inspections on the particular line.

Technician line locating and using a sub meter GPS
to place an AGM location for an in-line inspection.

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