Pipeline Cleaning & Inhibiting

Equipment Rental

Launch & receive barrel rentals and many combinations of spool pieces to accommodate your site. Valve & fitting package rental (all threaded fittings required to make connections to barrels)

Gauge pigs, brush pigs and other various types of cleaning pigs for rental.

Magnetic pig rentals are used for removal of magnetic particles within the pipeline.

Full port pigging valves

Low pressure and high pressure hoses for various projects

2" hard piping is used in place of hoses

Air compressors 375 CFM Compressor 1600 CFM Compressor

Pumping Equipment High Pressure Pumping Unit: 1500 ltr/min at 2500 PSI J60 Pump: 230 ltr/min at 3000 PSI

Light Towers Max Heat: Flameless Heater

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