Pipeline Cleaning & Inhibiting

Gauging Tools

These tools are used to determine if there are dents or obstructions in the pipeline for ILI Tool runs.

Projects differ in pipe wall thickness and diameters. Therefore custom aluminum slotted plates are built to meet your specific needs.

Tools available are: 3" and up gauging plate pigs. Below are sizing tools with gauge plates on them.

4", 8" and 12" Gauging Plate Pigs3" Sizing Pigs with TNT Transmitters Attached

Before and after pictures. The damaged pig shows damage within the pipeline.

Trained Technicians

TNT Pipeline Services provides trained technicians to launch, analyze and report pipeline problems with these tools.

Alternate Tools

Gauging tools help prove bore restrictions in the pipeline. However, they do not give any indication where an obstruction is located. This is why we recommend the the use of C-Tools.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

To discuss which tools would be most cost-effective for your project, please contact us.

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