Pipeline Cleaning & Inhibiting

Max Heat Flameless Heater

The design of this heater makes it more efficient:

  • The colder the temperature gets
  • the more heat you require
  • the more it is capable of producing
Frictionless, No sparks, No Hot Oil8978 cubic feet per minute Discharge Air
No recirculation of heated air2 16" diameter discharge outlets
Positive Air Shutdown400 HP Cat 3406 Engine
Over Temp Shutdown Engine WaterOver Temp Shutdown of Electro Magnetic Brake
Brushless AlternatorsRev Guard RodaDeaco
Low Oil Volume ShutdownLow Oil Pressure Shutdown
Automatic Oil Fill, 40 litre tank capacityNot necessary to shut down daily to check oil level
Double Walled Fuel TankCertified for Road Transport
External Fill 1732 litres CapacityNot necessary to shut down to refuel
Self-Contained Spill Tank 16 cubic feet/ 453 litres - 200% of unit capacity
110 v Block Heater - 110 v Battery Tender (while on standby)
Fire Proof Insulation Sound Dampening on inside of unit
25ft or 12ft 16" diameter vinyl discharge tubes available

Temperature control made simple through four switches: more heat = more switches

Maximum Fuel Consumption 50 Litres per Hour in temps colder than -25°C

BTU based on fuel consumption 50 L per hour x 36645 BTU/litre = 1,832,250 BTU /hr

Assuming 75% efficiency (Loss from radiated heat and exhaust gas) = 1,374,187 BTU/hr

Footnote: Calculation from Ecotec-Systems.com (1 litre - 36,645 BTU)

Dependable, High-Volumne Heat

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