Pipeline Cleaning & Inhibiting

Pipeline Cleaning Services

We can coordinate, plan, and execute cleaning programs for your pipeline. From start to finish.

Continuous cleaning will prevent build up and extend the life of your lines. This is 26 cubic meters of sediment that was removed from a 1 km 12" pipeline.

Maintain the Life of Your Lines

With the use of aggressive pigging, we are able to remove the sediment that has been built up in the lines.

The Before and After Effects

Various Cleaning Tools

TNT Pipeline Services is pleased to offer Cleaning Tools for pipelines.

We have cleaning tools, 3" and up, available in 2 Sections or 4 Sections. These tools are designed for 1.5D and 3D Pipe Bends. They can be run with Gauge Plates that are set for the hard diameter of the chosen inspection tool.

Multiple variations of cleaning cups and brushes are available depending on your individual needs.

Our cleaning tools can be configured to simulate the actual in-line inspection tool.

Magnetic Pigs

Specially designed by TNT, our magnetic pigs remove iron-sulphides and ferrous materials from gas and hydrocarbon pipelines.

Magnetic Pigs Available
in Sizes 3" and up.

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